Tim Russert – Dead at 58

Russert was recording voiceovers for Sunday�s �Meet the Press� program when he collapsed, the network said. He and his family had recently returned from Italy, where they celebrated the graduation of Russert�s son, Luke, from Boston College.

I feel so bad for his son, Luke. That is just so sad.

I can relate in a way. Just 2 weeks before I was to graduate from art school, I received a call from my mother. She was crying. My grandfather, the man who paid for a huge chunk of my college tuition, had suffered a massive heart attack. He was taken to the hospital and the outlook was bad.

She told me that I might have to fly home for a funeral if he passed soon.

I was in the midst of my senior thesis: four 3×6 foot life-size oil portrait paintings. I only had one finished and the second was slightly more than half done.

I was in shock.

I spent every waking moment for the next week painting. I had them all set up in my tiny apartment bedroom leaning against the walls with the wettest one on my easel.

Every day I would get an update from Mom. I was freaking out.

I got the call that he died and had to go back to Michigan for the funeral viewing.

I scrambled to finish my work. I decided to only turn in three of the four and cleared it with my professor.

I set up the work at the school’s senior show and left.

I flew to Michigan, went to the funeral home and saw him lying there in the casket.

The last time I saw him, he was fine. Everything was fine. He was going to come to my graduation. I was so crushed. It felt completely unreal. That’s probably why I was able to keep from breaking up…I hadn’t seen him recently.

I left the funeral home and went to the airport with my parents.

We flew to Florida that night and went to my graduation the next morning.

I only took one or two pictures with my roommate and my closest professor. Then we left.

We went back to my apartment, packed everything up, and drove out of town. I didn’t want to be around my school anymore. I just wanted to leave.


So Luke, if for some bizarre chance you read this post, know that other people feel for you and know what it must be like right now for you. You’ve just graduated college. Ready to show him and the world what you’re capable of and now this. All I can say is hang in there and stick to your plans. Who knows what people can see after they’re gone. At least that’s what I have hope for.

Take care,