Yes, I’m coining that word. I said it first and noone can use it without paying massive sums of money.

I happen to have seen some real photos of the 2-door 07 Jeep Wrangler. Here are my thoughts:

Front grille: Straight from the Gladiator. It also is more of a flattened, rounded corners, rectangular shape. Not like today’s shape.

Front bumper: Similar to the Gladiator minus the built in fog lights. Not that that’s a bad thing since those would probably have been knocked off by a whipping tree branch on the trail. They also looked too Chrysler for me anyways.

The top: Take the current top and do the following mods: It is sliced in 3 pieces creating one piece over each front seat and the third slice goes across the vehicle between the front and rear seats. The top also has a flip-up windshield. The overall shape is very angular like the Rescue concept. The soft top is nothing new: Sunrider but it’s standard. I don’t have one on mine so I can’t comment.

The interior: Again, no way to tell if these things are standard, but: Power windows. Yes there appear to be two up/down switches in the center of the IP, which according to my friend, is much like the Liberty. The general IP is rounder with a smaller glove box. Not a good move in my opinion. It appearrs to be smaller due to what looks like a large speaker grille. Lose the speaker and give me more glove space. It was really small to begin with but now looks only good for my winter gloves. Power door locks. They appear to be integrated with the door handle itself as a switch similar to the power windows style.

The fenders: Front are from the Gladiator, rear barely look different. I wonder how much mud this front set will accumulate when wheeling but whatever. Most people will want to remove them anyway. The side turning signal lights are tiny, round, and look pasted on. I’d rather just cover them with black tape or lightly spray paint them with black to tone them down. They just look weird when everything else is so Wrangular. 😉

I’ll try to do a photoshop mock and drawing of what i saw so it’s easier to visualize.