What a Difference 5 Degrees Makes

Being sick when you are an adult is no fun. But when you are 5 months old and it’s the first time, you probably feel like your world is ending. Turns out Elise came down with something called a Rotavirus.

It essentially makes you vomit whatever you eat, have disgusting diahrrea, and jacks up your body temperature to an ungodly number. Her doctor said it normally lasts 5-7 days and up until yesterday afternoon, we had no reason to think otherwise.

It literally was impossible to put her down to bed by herself without her making a scream that hits just the right note where your skull starts to crack apart. She could not have been more uncomfortable.

Somehow, after Melissa took Weece to her peeds appointment, she made a remarkable turnaround. Her fever, which was at some time, up as high as 102, suddenly dropped to 97.7.

Weece was smiling and playing and happy again. PHEW! This doesn’t mean she’s in the clear but she’s much more tolerable now.