W00t There It Is!

Finally, the 07 Wrangler (2door) made its debut last night.

That roof is really making it look more toy like than ever before.

My favorite part about this whole product launch is that print magazines jump the gun with specs and photos, spy shots of the damn thing have been all over the web for months now, and now the Jeep.com website can’t seem to launch in unison with the Auto Show.

Case in point, the jeep.com website has a slowass rotation of images (that you can’t control btw) to a shot of the wrangler on a snow covered moutain. Click the more info button and you get their 404 page. NICE JOB!

I’ll save you the hassle of going there by posting these images:

Here are the changes that really caught my eye:

Tires have switched from 31 inch Goodyear MTRs to 32 inch BF Goodrich

Rubicon gets 17 inch wheels but Sahara has 18? Huh?

The rear seat is a 60/40 split. Today it’s just 100% rear seat (it’s either up or folded down).

Anti-lock brakes with a feature that enables sustained wheel lockup for improved performance on loose dirt/gravel/sand/mud

Electronic-disconnecting front stabilizer bar – Active Sway Bar System (ASBS) (more wheel travel over obstacles)

Slightly better ground clearance

The multiple top configurations are neat but if there isn’t a built in place for storing them, fuck it. That’s one thing they should have built into this damn thing is a place to put the top pieces. As soon as I heard about the top being in multiple pieces, i had hoped you could eliminate storing “top scrap” in your garage and have it on hand to reassemble if the weather went south. Doesn’t look like it’s there yet.