Updated and Activated

I did the iPhone 2.0 software upgrade last night without a hitch. Well, actually I had to remove all the data from my iPhone prior to the update because the backup of the iPhone failed. My phone was jammed with gigs of photos and, once I saw that the upgrade process required a backup, I just decided to wipe it myself to speed things up. Removing everything took under 1 minute and then we were off to the races.

As far as the AppStore goes, let’s just say I’m underwhelmed. The choice of apps is completely lame. Dozens of e-books show up as actual “apps”, many of the apps are just plain boring and the games, which I had hoped for more of, are lacking in quality and quantity.

I know it just opened but that doesn’t mean that the SDK hasn’t been available for a while now. I was actually struggling to find something I wanted to download, which is a scary thought.

I did* happen to download the free AIM app from AOL and it refused to even launch, so I deleted it. The only thing I’ve found worthwhile so far is the Remote control for iTunes app from Apple itself.

Where are all the apps from the good developers out there?