Totally Missing Out

So American Idol is over and the new twist on the post season activities is how they’re lumping the winner with the rest of the top 10. It makes sense from a marketing perspective: Get people to want to see them all in concert. It also makes sense from an investment perspective: They’ve just spent the last several months exposing these personalities and talents, why not keep them in view.

What doesn’t make sense is how Fremantle Media, the in-house production shop responsible for the website and other activities, isn’t utilizing the web to continue this excitement and really, extend their brands. I know this sounds like a post that belongs on my company’s site but it really strikes me as odd that they are not satisfying the one basic thing AI fans wanted all along: A better detailed back story of each contestant. I would assume that now is the perfect time to launch a blog per top 10 contestant that documents their journey in the post-show space. They could talk about ramping up for the tour, the famous people they get to meet, their daily life, etc. I think there is a huge appetite for this content and AI is totally missing out.