Tiny Binks Updates

UPDATE 1: First, we had our 20 week ultrasound two weeks ago and T.B. wouldn’t cooperate, so…unless it’s medically necessary, we won’t know the gender of our baby until it is born. What a bummer. Then again, we think it could be a nice surprise…that is, if you’re the type who’s into surprises (we’re NOT).

UPDATE 2: Melissa was in the hospital for four days last week due to massive migraines and high blood pressure. Thankfully, the headaches went away and the bp dropped long enough for her to come home. She has been on bed rest for most of the time afterward to make sure things don’t go badly. The inactivity is really helping the bp stay down and she’s only had very minor headaches. Basic Tylenol is doing the job, so she hasn’t had the need to crack open the vicodin jar yet.

UPDATE 3: We have finally settled on two names for the baby since we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl. We’re liking Elise and Miles. If there ever was an entry to comment on, this is it. 😉