I guess some people really need help when it comes to technology. There is a funny yet sad article in today’s New York Times about the iPod and how its “Shuffle” function doesn’t meet their owner’s needs. Mostly because people are surprised their totally diverse music tastes aren’t perfectly shuffled and arranged by the iPod according to their moods! Do they think an iPod can make them dinner and snuggle too?

Lucy Shaw, a social worker in New York, has stopped using Shuffle altogether. “It was totally not reading my moods,” she said. It would play upbeat music when she was feeling low, and dark, somber selections when she was feeling upbeat. Furthermore, she said, her device had a penchant for picking songs containing four minutes of dead air followed by a bonus track – like Brian Ferry’s “More Than This” (the song to which Bill Murray sings karaoke in “Lost in Translation,” a bonus track on the film’s soundtrack album).