Social Media FTW @ #WWDC

Yes the new MacBook Pro is impressive, but what else would you expect from Apple? A lame laptop? They are expected to innovate in this space, and honestly it doesn’t feel that mind blowing compared to where their OSes are going. Here are my reasons why social took a giant leap forward at WWDC:

1. OpenStreetMap integration in the new Maps app. A community-run website to provide the data? I would love to see if Apple, in any way, is going to monitor this data source. #Socialmediawin

2. Yelp reviews with Siri. If this isn’t incentive for people to write Yelp reviews, I don’t know what is. The more Siri “learns” = the more she integrates with popular social media services. #Socialmediawin

3. Big pseudo-vote of confidence for Facebook coming immediately after their maligned IPO. Facebook share and post system-wide integration with contact list, music store app and sharing directly to FB itself is much more substantive than Twitter’s integration. #Socialmediawin

4. Rotten Tomatoes reviews. User created reviews of movies? Yes, AppleTV already had this, but another #Socialmediawin

5. Easier image & video posting to Craigslist and Ebay from Mobile Safari. Just in time for those summer garage sales. 😉 #Socialmediawin

6. Yelp integration in the Maps app to display restaurants and shops.

One non-social media note: Sports scores appear to be coming from Yahoo!