Shapeshifter Is Addictive

About six months ago, I had a client project that required me to document a system on a PC. Well, being the ultra mac snob that I am, I just couldn’t bear the thought of spending a month sitting in front of a PC for 8-9 hours a day. So, I bought a copy of Shapeshifter and got to work.

If you aren’t familiar with that app, it is very similar to the old OS 9 app Kaleidoscope. It allows you to download free themes and apply them to your entire system in OS X. This means that I was able to make my Mac look like a PC without people being able to notice.

Ever since then, I have been working here and there on my own theme. Who knew it was so time consuming? My theme is based on the Newton interface. I have had some challenges making the Newton theme look convincing under X because the Newton UI just didn’t have as many interface widgets as X does now.

I thought I’d post a few screenshots to show how it is coming along. The main window controls in the System Prefs window are not final…just placeholders. Enjoy.

Safari Bookmarks Menus | Finder menu | System Preferences window | Form Elements | Application Window