ScreenFuture is a new cloud-based digital signage platform designed for corporate environments to handle lobby greetings, announcements, wayfinding and café menus. M3D created it in partnership with well-known Silicon Valley A/V technology advisors to work for companies of all sizes and types. I led the UX, engineering and roadmap planning of this product.

After interviewing A/V partners and their customers, ScreenFuture was designed to address these key pain points:

  1. IT teams avoid proprietary hardware in server rooms and on local networks; Google Chromeboxes are preferred due to their enterprise-level management features.
  2. Non-technical employees need to access and edit specific screens without any IT or Operations assistance.
  3. IT teams want modern display pairing, sign deployment, and user management features including single sign on support.
  4. IT teams prefer cloud solutions over custom apps because they require less support.
  5. Employees should be able to create on-brand results without help from Marketing or vendors.

ScreenFuture solves all of these problems by providing a simple interface, strict user management, brand controls, easy display pairing via dynamic PINs, eliminates the need for a custom app, and runs beautifully on Chromeboxes.

The product is slated for installation at multiple client locations across the U.S.. Images shown are examples of the playlist management screen and sign template examples.


  • Product Management
  • UX and UI Direction
  • Market Research