With years of experience as a guitar player and a penchant for collecting gear, I found joy in experimenting with different combinations of guitars, amplifiers, and pedals. Despite discovering great sounds, I struggled to capture the details of my setups for future reference. This recurring challenge led me to create an app to address this specific problem.


My journey began by closely observing how I currently tackled the issue. I relied on a mix of a paper notebook and the Notes app on my phone, alongside haphazardly taken pedal photos intertwined with non-guitar images. Voice Memos were recorded with default names, making it cumbersome to recreate a sound later. Recognizing the disjointed and unreliable nature of my methods, I decided to consolidate these basic building blocks (notes, photos, and audio recordings).

Working through each interaction, sometimes with my guitar in hand in my practice space, I crafted individual screen designs and process flows. Seeking feedback from fellow guitarists refined the design and flow. Immersed in YouTube tutorials, SwiftUI documentation, and Xcode experimentation, I merged everything into a cohesive, clean, and user-friendly product.


Tonechaser empowers users to capture photos, notes, and audio recordings of their unique tones, meticulously cataloging all gear including guitars, amps, and pedals. The app also features a curated Shop, offering insights into the latest and coolest in the world of guitar gear.

The app’s success is evident with thousands of downloads worldwide, coupled with a stellar 4.8-star rating on the iOS AppStore, showcasing its popularity and positive reception among the global guitar community.