QUIKLY: SaaS Product Design


As the inaugural Head of Product at Quikly, I played a pivotal role in transforming the rewards-based marketing platform to meet the engagement needs of over 17 million consumers for numerous top brands. Recognizing the hindrance posed by the platform’s initial non-customer-facing nature to the company’s growth potential, I collaborated closely with company leadership, including the CEO, CTO, Strategy, Customer Success, and Sales teams. This collaborative effort resulted in the implementation of the company’s first product roadmap, the establishment of feature evaluation criteria, and the development of a robust planning process.


In conjunction with this organizational collaboration, I conducted a thorough review of the existing, internally-facing product. This evaluation unveiled a complex landscape comprising dozens of webpages with lengthy and unintegrated forms. To inform our redesign strategy, I delved into a comprehensive analysis of successful SaaS platforms such as MailChimp and Slack, aiming to understand the quality, feature organization, and ease of use characteristic of these platforms.

Working closely with the internal customer success team, I gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the campaign production process and identified pain points. Armed with this understanding, I initiated a multifaceted approach. This involved creating user flows, scrutinizing and eliminating outdated or unused features, and orchestrating a redesign that catered not only to technical users but also to non-technical individuals such as Legal teams and copywriters. The objective was clear: to enhance the campaign creation experience and make it accessible to a broader spectrum of users, ultimately aligning with the standards set by successful SaaS platforms.


The transformative efforts in redesigning Quikly’s rewards-based marketing platform yielded significant positive outcomes. The new user experience introduced a paradigm shift, empowering Quikly customers and internal customer success teams with streamlined capabilities. They can now effortlessly access detailed, real-time campaign reports and enact design and content changes for any screen within the campaign page flow.

The impact of these enhancements reverberated through regular feedback from both the internal campaign production team and clients. The consensus was clear—the effort required to create a campaign and bring it live was remarkably easy. The introduction of page-level comment threads fostered a heightened level of collaboration, while the intelligent integration of campaign metrics and measurement capabilities saved valuable time for all stakeholders.

The success of the revamped platform garnered high praise, with a key board member and advisor to the Quikly executive team expressing that it marked the most significant leap forward in the shortest amount of time for any company he had ever worked with. This acknowledgment underscored the magnitude of positive change brought about by the platform redesign, positioning Quikly as a trailblazer in the rewards-based marketing space.