Established in 1925, The McGregor Fund has been a dedicated force in advancing the welfare of Detroit residents. Recently refining its priorities, the Fund enlisted the expertise of M3D, where I served as the Creative Director and Tech Lead. Our mission was to develop a website that not only embodies the Fund’s enduring spirit but also fosters robust connections with citizens engaged in community-centric initiatives. This project underscores our commitment to making a meaningful impact on the Detroit community, with a focus on delivering a responsive web experience.


In my capacity as the Creative Director and Tech Lead for The McGregor Fund’s website project, we initiated a comprehensive process. A pivotal aspect was a meticulous analysis of peers within the Detroit philanthropic space. This thorough examination aimed to understand the digital landscape and identify best practices, ensuring our approach aligned with industry standards while setting The McGregor Fund apart.

To drive the design phase, we adopted a strategy of creating multiple design visions. This approach facilitated a collaborative exploration of aesthetic possibilities and user experiences. It ensured that the final design resonated authentically with The McGregor Fund’s mission while meeting the diverse needs of its user base.

A significant focus was placed on enhancing the user experience for organizations seeking funding. We reimagined and streamlined the application submission process, emphasizing ease of use and accessibility. This improvement aimed to empower local organizations, allowing them to seamlessly navigate the application process and better align their initiatives with The McGregor Fund’s mission. The overarching goal was to elevate the platform’s functionality, making it a user-friendly hub for impactful community engagement.


The McGregor Fund strategically positions its website as a crucial communication tool, benefiting both the organization and its funded entities and collaborators. The results have exceeded expectations, earning high satisfaction from the client resulting in ongoing work and incremental contracts. Users of the website have also shared positive feedback surrounding the overall content tone, clarity of communication, and ability to get a better understanding of their funding processes and priorities.

This success has fostered an ongoing partnership, with The McGregor Fund continuing to collaborate closely with Memora on successive projects. The website stands as a testament to effective communication and community support, aligning seamlessly with the Fund’s mission.