Originally hired as the Creative Director for digital marketing at Hallmark Cards, I expanded my role to oversee the eCommerce platform amid a corporate reorganization. The impetus for the e-commerce overhaul stemmed from an outdated website, underwhelming conversion rates, and the growing impact of Facebook. As individuals turned to social media for simple birthday messages, Hallmark faced the need to adapt, prompting a comprehensive overhaul of the online platform.


Facing the challenge of redesigning the e-commerce website, our team of 12 collaborated with the broader Digital team. We not only revamped servers and the content management system but also worked closely with the Help Desk to rewrite customer-facing scripts. These efforts were aimed at ensuring a seamless transition and providing users with the support they needed.

  • Total Overhaul and Re-architecture: In addition to the design, architecture, and copywriting, the Digital team revamped the entire experience from servers, to the CMS, to supporting the redesigned website effectively.
  • Collaboration with Help Desk: We worked with the Help Desk to rewrite customer-facing scripts, offering guidance and troubleshooting assistance to users navigating the new website.
  • User Education: Proactive measures were taken to educate users about changes, both through the website and support scripts, ensuring a smooth transition.


The comprehensive e-commerce overhaul, which went live in Q4, proved to be strategically timed for Hallmark Cards. This quarter, being the peak period for holidays and sentiments shared among friends and family, magnified the impact of the redesign. The results were significant, with a remarkable 233% increase in conversion rates, underlining the success of the website revamp and setting a positive tone for the company’s most crucial quarter. Enhanced customer support and the creation of excitement within the organization paved the way for further digital initiatives.