Comerica initiated its digital transformation journey with the Treasury Mobile App, designed for business customers to access account information, approve payments, and view account reports. The initial version of the app faced challenges with an outdated interface and mediocre ratings at best. Recognizing its pivotal role, our digital transformation aimed to not only enhance its current utility but also lay the groundwork for future expansion.


The user’s primary task of approving and making payments across multiple business accounts posed a significant challenge. Despite the complexity inherent in managing transaction states and intricate details, the existing feature set and codebase had to be retained. Our approach involved a meticulous UX perspective to deeply understand these complexities and subsequently redesign the UI for clarity and streamlined usability. Drawing from our experiences with the Retail Mobile app prototype and the Direct Express app, we established a modern design direction, concealing underlying complexities that were previously exposed to users.

Our redesign achieved a balance, providing a contemporary UI experience while preserving all existing features without altering underlying APIs. This strategic decision leveraged insights gained from previous projects, granting the product team a significant advantage.


The revamped Treasury Mobile App now stands as Comerica’s mobile Design System standard, boasting an impressive 4.5-star rating, a significant improvement from its previous 2-star status. Beyond its individual success, the app has laid the technical foundation for other enterprise Comerica mobile apps. The positive reception prompted customer requests for additional features, including account creation, customization, and onboarding to a broader range of the bank’s products and services, solidifying its role as a cornerstone in Comerica’s digital ecosystem.