Watch Your Code

While I was working on a client project today, I wondered what the new NYTimes CSS looked like. I especially was interested in the new font size and face for articles. So, after locating the CSS file I checked out the source.

Two things struck me. One was the meta data added by the author:

NYT CSS file for /css/common/global.css
FileName: global.css
Author: James Duncan
revison date: 2006.04.05
Revised by: James Duncan
Comments: Latest Version

The second was the note at the end:

/* move this crap to section front if needed, what a mess… – James

ul, ol {
padding-left: 0px;
margin-left: 18px;
_margin-left: 22px;


Note to self. You work for the NYTimes and people are interested in how you do things. Next time realize that you’re not still working on and remember to remove personal comments from the CSS file.