Missed A Lot

Quick update. Just got back from Disney & St. Pete’s Beach today and tried to stay as unplugged as possible. In the process, I seem to have missed a few things.

Brett Favre retiring. No surprise and probably a relief to whoever has played behind that dude forever. I feel bad for Pack fans. They must all feel like God died. I really enjoyed Green Bay’s recent spirited playoff run and was rooting for them to get to the Super Bowl.

iPhone SDK announcement. $99 to put an app on your store and then Apple takes 30% of the developer-set price? Damn. If Steve thinks “most developers” will charge $0 for an iPhone app, he’s nuts. How will they cover their development costs if there is no desktop counterpart app to recoup their investment? – Only one way to install apps on your iPhone via Apple? That sucks too. — Weird vague restrictions on the types of apps you can install based on Apple judgement calls? I can put whatever I want on my desktop iMac and not have to get Apple’s permission. I can also download an app straight from a developer and pay direct if they support it. — No ability to remote debug your OWN iPhone app that’s running connected to your Mac via Xcode unless you pay the $99 fee? Steve, don’t you think this is a little much? So there’s basically no way as a developer to demo your app to someone on the iPhone itself? You have to have your laptop with you?

Facebook’s CEO is now on the Forbes billionaires list?