Mac OS UI Comments

1. Macintosh HD icon is not happy at 32×32 pixels:

2. Safari has a weird scrolling bug where if you load a page that creates a horizontal scrollbar, notice how the text in the browser actually drops down a few pixels once you start scrolling and returns to the original height when you stop. I included a ruler so you can see it more clearly:

3. Since when did a slider control require a pulsating animation?

4. Um, ok, without me telling you what I did, what do you think this means in the image below (look at the item “otherblogs (10)”?

That number next to the item is actually counting the number of unread items in an RSS feed that I placed in that bookmarks folder. Yeah I know, that’s a weird way to implement the unread count. Guys, this isn’t mail. It looks like I either have only 10 items in that folder (and the others must have 0 since there isn’t a count), or that Safari thinks it’s actually Mail and is trying to communicate with me. Leave the count out of that folder and maybe put it in the RSS feeds item in the left column.