Live Your Dream

There seems to be a push for houses to be built completely by robots. This sounds like you’re going to end up with a cement box but that’s not the goal. For a creative guy like myself, this is just the kind of thing that will totally liberate us from the McMansion type houses to look forward to. If these robots can build something that’s alot more sturdy and exact than humans can, I say let’s go for it.

By building almost an entire house from just two materials — concrete and gypsum — the robots will eliminate the need for dozens of traditional components, including floorboards, wooden window frames and possibly even wallpaper. It may eventually be possible to use specially treated gypsum instead of glass window panes.

Engineers on both projects say the robots will not only cut costs and avoid human delays but liberate the normal family homes from the conventional designs of pitched roofs, right-angled walls and rectangular windows.

“The architectural options will explode,” predicted Dr Behrokh Khoshnevis at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, who will soon unleash his $1.5m (£940,000) robot. “We will be able to build curves and domes as easily as straight walls.