Johnny Carson, Dead at 79

Lately I’ve noticed this weird feeling I have around 11:30 on Saturday nights…I get all excited about SNL coming on the air and realized how important really good comedy has been to me in my life.

This weekend was a doubly sad one for me. One, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost their title game and are knocked out of the SuperBowl, but also because Johnny Carson died. I watched him every chance I could when he was hosting the Tonight Show…probably started watching him when I was 12 or 13. His flavor of kind comedy really was a soothing note to end the day with. His comedy was not mean or negative, it was just funny. And he had the kind of personality you wanted to watch have a good time.

It’s sad knowing he isn’t around. It was interesting to learn that even after retirement, he would still submit jokes to Letterman as a creative outlet…and Letterman would use them, despite their history together.

I’m hoping that Carson’s Tonight Show shows are on DVD somewhere. Maybe I’ll pick them up.