It’s Official

I got a new job. Yay. I’ve been looking for so long and finally found something that fits. I am the Creative Director at a small company in downtown Ann Arbor. The people are nice and I can’t wait to get thing going around here.

I’m also sitting pretty with a loaded 17 inch PowerBook and a 21 inch monitor to my left. 🙂

As for the drive, it’s not terrible right now. The bulk of the traffic is going the other direction and I’m usually able to get above the speed limit for long stretches.

This new job also means that our house is up for sale. We’re not looking to move all the way to A2, just somewhere between. Maybe Plymouth, maybe South Lyon, maybe Northville (although that’s a stretch since we want a newer house).

If you or anyone you know is looking for a really nicely restored home in Fabulous Ferndale, please pass this flyer (7mb) along to them.