If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

When Melissa and I went out to dinner last night, we were trying to name the things that scared us the most. I’m not sure why I didn’t mention sharks but I should have.

It turns out that the grandson of famous oceanographer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau believes the best way to learn about sharks is to become one.

Fabien Cousteau, inspired as a child by the comic book Red Rackham’s Treasure, where the main character, Tintin, adventures underwater in a shark-shaped submarine, decided as an adult to build his own.

“It’s the same thought process as Jane Goodall or Diane Fossey. You don’t want to separate yourself from the animal. You want to be part of the animal’s realm,” Cousteau said.

Cousteau enlisted the services of renowned Hollywood design engineer and animatronics expert Eddie Paul to build a great white submarine.

“It’s extremely innovative” said Cousteau. “It’s a 1,200-pound tool that looks, feels and moves like a great white shark.”

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