How I Blog

Sometimes people comment to me in person about how quickly I can get posts up on my blog as if I’m doing some magic trick. I’m also writing this because at the same time, I was looking at MarsEdit and wondering how it would make my blogging experience easier. I guess I’ve determined that it won’t since I’ve already come up with a few shortcuts to speed things up:

1. Bookmark the post composition page on my blog.

2. A custom FTP applescript application that sits in my dock. It’s configured to pop open my FTP client, log into my server, and go straight to my images directory. When I make a graphic for the site, I just drag it onto that icon in the dock and forget about it. I never use the built-in photo upload feature of WordPress when this seems so much faster and reliable.

3. I tend to refer to other sites in most posts, so I just open a new tab in the same window and open the post bookmark. This way I’m not hunting for the source URL when I’m trying to create the reference link.

4. When I make any kind of screenshots, they’re already in a webready format, so there’s rarely a trip to photoshop to modify things. I may end up using skitch just because it’s great at quickly drawing arrows, circling things, and creating instant saves.