GM Promotion Cracked Early

It seems that someone decided to end the suspense to a nationwide GM billboard promotion. The idea was to post one word per billboard across the country eventually spelling out an entire phrase. However, if you have a simple tool like a SWF decoder, you can easily read the code and therefore the entire phrase “This is the last time you will ever have to feel alone on our nation’s roadways.”

Here is the actual code with the words highlighted for easier reading:

this.story = [[“This“, “San Francisco, CA”, “Bayshore Freeway north of Haven”], [“is“, “Los Angeles, CA”, “San Berdo Freeway east of Evergreen”], [“the“, “Phoenix, AZ”, “I-10 Squaw Peak Hwy. north of Harrison”], [“”, “El Paso, TX”, “I-10 east of Geronimo Drive”], [“”, “Abilene, TX”, “2601 S. Danville”], [“you“, “Arlington, TX”, “I-30 east of Commerce”], [“will“, “Sheveport, LA”, “I-20 west of Industrial Loop”], [“ever“, “Jackson, MS”, “I-55 north of Old Pearl River Bed”], [“have“, “Montgomery, AL”, “Atlanta Hwy. (I-85) at Mt. Meigs “], [“”, “Atlanta, GA”, “I-20W east of McDaniel St”], [“”, “Augusta, GA”, ” I-20 1st west of Wheeler Road”], [“”, “Columbia, SC”, ” I-20 east of Broad River”], [“on“, “Raleigh, NC”, “1811 S. Saunders St. at Junction I-440”], [“our“, “Richmond, VA”, “I-95 1st south of Boulevard”], [“nation’s“, “Washington, DC”, “New York Ave. & 4th St.”], [“roadways“, “Wilmington, DE”, “I-95 north of SR 72”], [“.”, “New York (Times Square)”, “1535 Broadway @ 46th St.”], [“Because“, “Seattle, WA”, “Bothell Way NE North of NE 145th St. “], [“everyone“, “Billings, MT”, “I-90 South of I-94 Jct.”], [“”, “Bismarck, ND”, “3020 Vermont AvenueSt “], [“”, “Minneapolis, MN”, “I-94 & Glenwood Ave.”], [“”, “Chicago, IL”, “TBD”], [“words“, “Detroit, MI”, “E I-94 & 12 Mile”]];