Get Well Soon

It’s every artist’s nightmare. To have something wrong with your eye. My friend Rob Harrell had just that happen to him. Fortunately, he’s recovering. Rob is a fellow Ringling grad from my class. We became pals and he even drove up to Detroit to stand up in my wedding. He and I will never forget the little run-in with the police on the way to the ceremony. Somehow he and I lost touch over the years (it’s been 10 since college) and I’m trying to locate him right now.

His problems started when the diagnosis for serious headaches resulted in a cancerous tumor behind his right eye. Luckily, he found a doctor who was not so quick with the idea of removing the eye. Instead it was suggested they remove the tumor and do radiation.

One strange side-effect of his condition was that 15 other top cartoonists, including Jim Davis from Garfield fame, decided to step into his Big Top circus and fill in for a few weeks while he underwent the major surgery. His story made it to CBS News: