The loot was as follows:

Think Geek Swiss Army knife w/1GB USB drive as previously blogged about here to replace my older Jeep-branded swiss army knife which was confiscated at the Amsterdam International Airport even though I was able to bring it there on my recent trip to Germany:

2GB iPod Nano in black:

A nice cashmere scarf

2 fire extinguishers for my Jeep

A small acoustic guitar tree ornament made of wood


And what did the wife get?

A deluxe day at a fancy Rochester spa

An iPod Shuffle (512MB) – this may change as she has seen my nano and wants one like it too.

24 songs of massage music from the iTunes Music Store


And what did Weece get? What DIDN’T she get? 7 outfits, tons of toys, Baby Einstein DVDs, books, a puppet theater, dolls, an Oscar the Grouch purse (to match her recent sleep-deprived moods), and cold hard cash for her college fund. She made out like a bandit! Her gifts from Melissa’s family filled the back of our Grand Cherokee in no time.