Funny Spam Headlines

I’ve always been fascinated by the headlines spammers use in their email subject lines. Mostly because I can’t imagine anyone out there actually clicking into an email that started like that. Here’s a collection of my favorites from the past few months. (Yes, I have a Sidenote running to capture these things). I’ll file this under Creativity since they’re just so bizarre.

the size of your manhood

Massive fuckin tiits!

You can eat whatever you want

Where did Ryan go


Your Friends Will Envy You

women will love you

Re: Mature females finding their dinner

Fix your situation Kermit

Skinny girl needs to talk to someone

Fat Asian boy wants to meet a girl

underground girls that are loose

Are you still fat?

Stimulate your sex life! anywhere

Yo Son

Skinny, what about that?

use only pofrsesional sfotware…

RE: your private invitation Lamont

Gets your penis in high gear!

UPDATE (7/5/05):

I just got an email from Jesus Colon! I had no idea the internal organs of the One and Only were sending emails out to people offering low mortgage rates!

Dear HomeOwner,
After completing the review we are pleased to offer you the following,

Your current mortgage qualifies you for more than a 3% lower rate!


Millions of Americans have re-financed this month alone!

So why not you?

Go HERE to make that change.

If you prefer to be left out of this amazing offer go here.