The Chevy Volt is here. I’m normally not much of a car nut outside the Jeep Wrangler and the insanity of the Bugatti Veyron or Lambroghini Reventon but I really think this car looks good. I’d happily get one if they were out now.

And check this out:

GM estimates that the Volt will cost about two cents per mile to drive while under battery power compared to 12 cents per mile using gasoline priced at $3.60 per gallon. For an average driver who drives 40 miles per day (or 15,000 miles per year), this amounts to a cost savings of $1,500 annually. Using peak electric rates, GM estimates that an electrically driven mile in a Chevy Volt will be about one-sixth of the cost of a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. The cost savings are even greater when charging during off-peak hours, when electric rates are cheaper.

I will say that GM is one of my company’s clients but even still, I like the look of this car. Something about that black window trim makes me think it might have been inspired by the iPhone’s design.