An Electric Motor That Produces Torque?

I just read this article that talks about a new electric motor that, the makers claim, can generate 400% more torque than any motor (consumer i believe) that’s available on the market today. If this is true, I might swap out my engine for one of these bad boys someday!

here’s a quote:
“The motor is revolutionary in that it contains no bulky permanent magnets.

Instead it relies on transmitting electric pulses across up to seven rotors, arranged in different phases. These are “fired up” in turn, much like the pistons of an internal combustion engine.

There are no gears – the motor provides enough torque at one revolution per minute to put a vehicle into motion – and it spins at up to 2,500rpm.

“Size for size, we can provide 400% more torque than any type of motor currently available,” says managing director John Bryant.”