Defining Your Self Image

Microsoft’s Zune player is getting all the press lately since it’s release and it just made the rounds on the Today Show. The video has a section when after Matt Lauer and Al Roker make mention of how they’re “iPod guys”, Matt asks Al about what’s on his iPod right now (keep in mind, this is supposed to be about the Zune).

Al makes a quick comment about 1) how the Zune’s store is a little more “unwieldy” than the iTunes Store 2) he’s aware of the iPod rumors regarding larger screens and then 3) replies with some kids show music that he plays “for the kids in the car” and says something to the effect of how it’s what his kids listen to. Then he said something that really caught my ear. He said, “Hey, I drive a minivan. Cool was long ago left behind for me.”

Some people will say, “Come on Matt, it’s Al Roker. What do you expect?” But I still think it’s shocking that a person who went out and bought an iPod, downloads music from the iTunes store and actually continues to use his iPod even in the car defines his level of “coolness” by the car he drives. I wonder if Apple has done any research into consumer’s self image post-iPod sale.