Cool OS X Apps

You know, there’s so much software that I use that really enhance the Mac experience and I thought I’d list some of them here.

If you use two monitors like I do, you quickly notice how weird it is to not have the menubar on the second monitor. This little free app lets you get the current app’s menu bar in a contextual menu. Saves me tons of mousing around.

Mail Appetizer
Basically, when you get an email in Mail, this plugin will popup a cool little transparent window so you don’t have to open Mail to see who is at the door.

Hey Folders!
OS X doesn’t let you modify the document/folder icon when you label it a color. This allows for folder coloring like OS 9 where the document/folder icon is colored just like the text label.

Safari WebDevAdditions
WebDevAdditions adds a menu to the Safari browser with few useful functions for web developers. It allows to disable (hide) images, shows table structure, block level elements (divs, paragraphs, forms), various informations about images, links, stylesheets.

MenuPrefs is a menu extra designed to give quick access to all preference panes that the user has access to, including user-added preference panes. Users can also easily build a custom list of their most used preference panes for easy access.

Little Snitch
Little Snitch tells you when a program tries to send info to the internet. If you do not like the idea of information possibly being gathered from your computer and being sent to who-knows-where for who-knows-what, Little Snitch helps. When an application tries to establish a network connection, Little Snitch intercepts the attempt and brings up an alert panel giving you all the connection details including the name of the application, which initiated the connection. You either choose to allow the connection, to deny it or to add a permanent rule for similar future connections.

LaunchBar is a smart and powerful tool designed to provide lightning fast access to thousands of files, web-bookmarks, email-addresses and applications just by entering short abbreviations.

Sidenote tries to catch the “Stickies” spirit but in the form of a multi-document drawer that will hide in the corner of your screen (left or right). You can use it to take all your daily notes, include images and easily modify text color and font. Sidenote will automatically expand so that you will be able to drag into it any picture, text clipping or pdf file from the finder or your favorite application. With notes auto-saving, you’ll never have to save your notes. Sidenote will handle that for you. You can also print them,export them to rtf or mail them to you friends or co-workers.

I have a healthy obsession with icons and this app does the trick when it comes to organizing and displaying them. It’s like iPhoto for icons.

Draw on top of your entire desktop and other apps and export the final image.

This is a really cool looking, fun game that I’m half tempted to register for just to keep going with it. The interface is as if the game is being played on a child’s table. It’s kinda like an Atari Tank game but with realistic graphics and an entertaining environment to boot.