Chris Rockâ„¢

I found this comment kinda weird considering who it came from. I was reading an article from the NY Times recently and it was about how Chris Rock was preparing to host the Oscars this year. In it, he discussed his initial thoughts about being asked to host and this is where I was caught by surprise:

So what is he doing as host of the Academy Awards? At this point in his career, Mr. Rock, said he has outgrown the MTV awards – “I’m too old; it’s Dave Chappelle’s time” – and finally feels mature enough to take the Oscar post. Mr. Rock still ran his decision by a few friends, something he said he rarely does.

“Some people were like, can you be cutting edge and host the Oscars?” Mr. Rock said. “Is doing this going to hurt your brand?

I guess it just sounded weird to me considering this is the guy who talks so much about the street. Even as I read this now, it sounds weird.