Are We Not Paying Attention?

TVs are ultimately about picture quality. Ultimately. How smart they are…great, but let’s face it that’s a secondary consideration.

-Chris Moseley, AV product manager at Samsung providing a counterpoint to Apple’s recent comments about their TV aspirations.


Um. Let’s review The Facts:

  1. Apple does not only deliver “picture quality” to its customers.
  2. Cable/Satellite set top box UX is horrific at best and outright stupid on a good day.
  3. Apple looks for businesses to create an opportunity, then makes them look foolish with brilliant and passionate attention to every detail and seamless integration.
  4. Apple already delivers the best in class visual picture with its iPad and desktop monitors. To think they can’t deliver on that is laughable.

If anything, Apple never shows it’s cards ahead of market entry, but with the AppleTV, one would think that television manufacturers would be tripling their efforts since the device’s introduction in anticipation of an Apple assault. Judging by the experiences offered by televisions and cable boxes today, they haven’t taken this warning.

I’m no television expert, but I would KILL for a smarter television. If we can expect to keep waiting for traditional television manufacturers for this kind of advancement, I can’t see why Apple would continue to delay stepping into this market.