Are Apple In-App Book Purchases Okay?

In reading the iTunes Connect Developer Guide (v. 7.3) on Page 134, a section on In-App purchases caught my eye:

For example, you could use In-App Purchase to implement any of the following scenarios:

  • A book reader app that allows the user to purchase and download new books

This made me recall a July 25, 2011 story about how Apple forced Amazon to alter their Kindle app in this way:

Apple has finally brought the hammer down on e-reader apps, enforcing its new in-app subscription rules that require app developers to strip out any links to external mechanisms for purchasing digital books or subscriptions.

This made me scroll to the bottom of the Apple Doc to see the footer read:

iTunes Connect Developer Guide (version 7.3, January 23, 2012)

I know Apple is usually super buttoned up, so I’d assume that this is just a miss, but the document was updated 9 months after this decision and it’s hard to imagine that all of their documentation wouldn’t get scrubbed.