Apple’s TODO List

I regularly poke around inside the contents of applications just to see what’s there resource-wise in case there’s a specific pre-made icon that I could use in a design somewhere to speed up the prototype process. Well, I was in my Utilities folder and dug into the Keychain Access app.

That app has alot of typical stuff in there except for one item called TODO.

Double click on it and this is what you’ll see:

– Search
– Fine granularity of categories
– Drag and drop
– Anchor SETUID stuff
– Clean up old code
– Icons and pictures
– Better name for Thawte etc…
– Smarter item update notifications

Kinda neat, eh? Usually developers will hide their notes in the code so you can’t see them this easily. I know it’s not groundbreaking stuff but it’s neat to me and it’s my blog, so there. 😉