Adventure Quotient

You hear that howling? Of course you do it’s the sound of adventure inviting you to follow. Our calculations reveal that you are the Spontaneous Seeker.

You’re a free spirit of sorts; a day-to-day routine feels more like a sentence to you than a safety net. You are constantly searching for novelty—gravitating toward people and ideas that can shake things up. Your wanderlust is irrepresible and your need for comfort is minimal combining to make you the kind of adventurous spirit who needs little to survive happily. You are the rate kind of adventure seeker who can balance spontaneity with responsibility.

Interesting. Take the Land Rover UK Adventure Quotient test and see what you come up with. I can see how that fits me in several ways.

And you’re probably wondering why I was trolling the UK Land Rover site. Well these sneaky pics of a possible 2007 Defender headed to the U.S. for sale is what got me going: