Over the past 20 years, I have had the good fortune collaborating with many talented people to deliver work across numerous verticals (social expression, automotive, transport & logistics, finance, entertainment and technology to name a few).

I am a highly-accomplished, innovative digital leader with 20+ years of experience directing award-winning Creative and UX. I love solving complex business challenges and building successful organizations.

You can read all about my previous work experiences here.

Since music is a big part of my life, here are some random facts about my experiences:

  1. I designed and built a highly rated iOS App called Tonechaser to help guitarists track their extensive gear collections and document the Tones they’ve spent creating
  2. My college band played a show where Brian Johnson from AC/DC was sitting 20 feet away from us the whole time. #nopressure
  3. My guitar playing ended up in a Hallmark book for boys called¬†Boy You’re Awesome!
  4. I was given a sticker from the first Ford Motor Company electric vehicle program that reads “Electric” – which promptly went on my custom hollow-body aluminum Stratocaster