A Slow Realization

I think I’m just starting to realize that there’s almost nothing original about the whole GTA series, and in particular, GTA4. Nothing. It’s more like a demented take on the state of the United States than an actual game. I get no enjoyment from running over random virtual pedestrians with my bullet-ridden vehicle. Nor do I find it interesting to get into a wanna-be Godfather storyline complete with gun fights.

I don’t think I’m mellowing out but just realizing that, while yes, the imagery, vastness and complexity of GTA4 is impressive, it’s not really entertaining. And it sometimes worries me that there are a ALOT of people out there who DO find it entertaining.

Maybe I’ve become re-sensitized since Elise was born. All I’ve been exposed to, for the most part, is G rated material for three years now.

Would I like to at least try* the game? Sure. I like playing games that have massive 3d worlds that let you explore to an incredible level of detail. I just hope that the people at R* come to the conclusion that in order to shock the world, they need to produce something completely different and not just add more bullets and people to kill.