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“You expect great work form a top notch agency, but Matthew went well beyond great work by developing and presenting incredibly disruptive ideas which, quite simply, blew me away every time. Matthew’s passion for delivering beyond expectations, is a testament to his laser like customer focus, his deep knowledge and experience in all aspects of branding and his incredibly collaborative personality. I would recommend Matthew to anyone who is looking for brilliance.”

“Matt was a pleasure to work with at Organic – funny, genuine and wholly committed to his work. Of course that was 2000-ish … I’ve had the great good fortune to work with him since. His skills have intensified and the depth, breadth and detail of his vision for client products/projects is astonishing. It’s a joy and an honor to work with (and for) him.”

“Matt was the creative force in our office, always the go-to for big ideas, innovative thinking, and thoughtful and creative plans. We could always leave every brainstorm with at least one executable idea from Matt. More importantly, Matt is a great team advocate and mentor, always there to challenge us and listen to us.”

“Matt has a tremendous eye for quality and a great mind for clean, clear effective website strategy. He architects, writes, paints, designs, and codes. Basically, he’s the guy you want creating your next super-galactic online whatever. He is also hilarious, especially when critiquing someone else’s website.”

“Matt pushes creative and technology boundaries and is incredibly committed to preserving the integrity of the creative product even when reality attempts to shape it in a different direction. Working with Matt — whether executing a complex campaign or just sitting on a brainstorm –pushed me to challenge assumptions of what could be possible and I always walked away with new food for thought.”

There are people you work with and then there are people you enjoy working with. Matt falls soundly into the “enjoy working with category.”

One overwhelming sentiment that was shared with all of Matt’s direct reports was that Matt is an excellent people manager in addition to being a hands-on designer that can implement his ideas as well the best individual contributor on the market.

Matt has an innate ability to foster great ideas and the creative spirit from his team, constantly challenging us to think in grander ways. Any employee would be fortunate to have Matt as a manager.

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