Hello, I’m Matt.

With over two decades of experience, I’ve dedicated my career to building and leading user experience teams in both digital product and marketing domains. Throughout this journey, I’ve played a direct role in driving revenue for companies across technology, finance, automotive, and retail/CPG.

As a best-selling author in AI and Product Design, my book, “The Creative Algorithm,” reflects my passion for sharing insights and experiences. I’ve had the privilege of being a public speaker at prestigious universities and industry conferences, where I’ve engaged with audiences on the intersection of design, social media, and creativity.

Beyond my written and spoken contributions, I’ve personally conceived and launched products in varied sectors, including digital signage, the music industry, and the automotive aftermarket. This hands-on experience has provided me with a holistic understanding of the product development lifecycle.

Away from the tech world, I’m also a professional oil portrait painter. My art resides in several collections, and I’ve showcased my talent in multiple art multiple art galleries. Additionally, my skills extend to professional illustration, where I’ve contributed to magazines and calendars.

In essence, my journey is a fusion of creativity, technology, and leadership. Whether it’s crafting compelling user experiences or bringing a canvas to life, I thrive on the diverse challenges that both the digital and artistic worlds present.

LinkedIn Recommendations

“You expect great work form a top notch agency, but Matthew went well beyond great work by developing and presenting incredibly disruptive ideas which, quite simply, blew me away every time. Matthew’s passion for delivering beyond expectations, is a testament to his laser like customer focus, his deep knowledge and experience in all aspects of branding and his incredibly collaborative personality. I would recommend Matthew to anyone who is looking for brilliance.”

“Matt was the creative force in our office, always the go-to for big ideas, innovative thinking, and thoughtful and creative plans. We could always leave every brainstorm with at least one executable idea from Matt. More importantly, Matt is a great team advocate and mentor, always there to challenge us and listen to us.”

“Matt has a tremendous eye for quality and a great mind for clean, clear effective website strategy. Basically, he’s the guy you want creating your next super-galactic online whatever.”

“There are people you work with and then there are people you enjoy working with. Matt falls soundly into the ‘enjoy working with category.’

It’s a rarity that you find inspiration in someone you work with. I did with Matt and I am eternally grateful that I did. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself.”

“In working with Matt, you will find that he is a smart, savvy, sophisticated out-of-the-box, cutting edge social marketing and digital media mastermind. Matt has the unique acumen of a tech analyst with the creative intuition of a great strategist.”

“I feel that few people get the chance to report to a manager who is also a mentor. I however had this opportunity while working with Matt over the past year and a half. I was always awestruck and learned a great deal from his capacity to move a project forward though trialing situations as well as his competence in team leadership. Matt has an innate ability to foster great ideas and the creative spirit from his team, constantly challenging us to think in grander ways. Any employee would be fortunate to have Matt as a manager.”

“Take every good thing you’ve read or heard about Matt as a brilliant UX/Creative leader and talent, amplify by a magnitude — and then you’ll get a clearer picture. Not only does he have the requisite eye for solid design, sharp product sense, and an intuition for UX that simply works, he is the backbone of a team.”

“Matt kept his team motivated and championed their amazing efforts across multiple projects. His spirit of collaboration and eagerness to get stuff done was infectious to other teams.”

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