Jeep 4x4Evo2

The Jeep 4×4 Evo2 game was the first of its kind in the automotive industry. I led the project from ideation to concept refinement to delivery. The work involved an elaborate executive presentation, identification of gaming developers to UX design of the website and the 3D game itself.

Over a 3 month period in the middle of summer, this program invited participants to race and qualify in multiple tracks, each replicating famous off-road locations in the United States – including the infamous Rubicon Trail. Participants were able to invite friends, personalize their leaderboards and submit scores directly to the website via the game itself; no browser was needed.

A compelling 3D driving experience was the draw, and the races were given a uniquely Jeep spin; racers who didn’t ‘tread lightly’ by staying on the path were penalized. We also created challenging acts of heroism in the middle of each race that – if performed – would give the racer additional bonus time.

The top 10 drivers from around the country were flown to Camp Jeep to compete against each other live in front of 10,000 Jeep owners. After the Blues Brothers finished their set, immersive ‘driving pods’ were brought on-stage and drivers raced each other on a brand new track. The goal: to win the first Jeep Wrangler Rubicon off the line.

Jeep anticipated building 12,000 Rubicons that year. Our program had over 100,000 active participants of all ages; 15% of those bought the vehicle.


  • Concept Development
  • UX Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Vendor Management