Imagine If No Heaven

I had a random thought this morning while in the shower…what if there was a worldwide, simultaneous awakening for all people in which they truly believed that after they died, they’d come right back to Earth. I’m reminded of the John Lennon song Imagine as I type this but let’s imagine this premise as a movie. How would the world react? Would people stop fighting wars or escalate them if they knew there was no end to their existence? Would people choose to live with no regard for their or other’s personal safety by intentionally causing accidents by turning the world into GTA5?

Or would people calm down knowing that if this is all we have, we should seriously rethink how we engage with each other on every level. Would we be more inclined to work together to solve world problems? To do what’s right so we have a better place to exist in?

In a weird way I think this is somewhat connected, thematically, to Barack Obama, for me. I have so much hope that things will be better than the last years eight years have been.