Hilarious Truck Review

I normally don’t care much for Lincoln vehicles but I just had to read the review from the New York Times on their newest vehicle—a $50k+ pickup truck. That notion is what drew me in and the NYT didn’t fail to produce some good lines from the article:

“IF you spend nearly $50,000 for a truck, you expect the comforts of home, even if you live in a faux chateau in a gated community. My abode is more modest, yet I was instantly impressed by a similarity between Lincoln’s new pickup and a small bit of my home décor: the slab of bogus wood on the dashboard is identical to the woodgrain imprinted on a metal space heater we bought years ago at a discount store. Put another way, the focal point of the Mark LT’s cabin looks like vinyl shelf paper.”

“Lincoln failed miserably with its last pickup, the 2002 Blackwood, a truck so precious it couldn’t do an honest day’s work. For one thing, its cargo bed, lined in polished stainless steel, looked like a high-end kitchen.”

“I used the test model to haul away some old furniture, and it was clearly the best-looking truck at the dump. Also, the only one with 18-inch 8-spoke chrome wheels.”