Hello world!

Okay, I just couldn’t take the Blogger experience anymore. It was driving me crazy with the neverending site rebuilding and lack of basic features. I switched over to WordPress and the install worked just as described. In five minutes, I had my blog up and running. I had to only edit 2 lines of code. Now that’s what I call an installer.

There won’t be anymore post icons as I don’t have the time to update every imported post. Therefore, I’m losing the category icons in favor of the text on the left column. A small price to pay for the functionality I was dying for for so long.

My plan is to create some static pages for things like guitar tab that I’ve had to create as a result of playing the tribute nights with my brother and occasionally, his band.

I also want to make a page for my Jeep Wrangler parts wishlist. I’ve been drooling over tons of parts for so long in 4×4 catalogs that I figured I better post the part details before the pages become unreadable due to excessive saliva buildups.

The old design was also getting on my nerves because I felt like it really didn’t suit me anymore. I’m really happy being a new father and loving my little family. The black pages had to go. I needed to lighten it up a little.

I wish I had more time to upload more baby pictures, but I haven’t. Therefore, I think I’ll just make a pic of the week from the homepage. This way, I can manage 1 upload a week compared to 80.

In other news, Elise is 6 months old and teething like there’s no tomorrow, I’m heading up to Drummond Island June 16 for my 2nd Jeep Jamboree, and Melissa is easily defending her title as Best Mother In The World.

We are also planning two more house projects. As if not having a kitchen for 2 months is bearable, we’re scheming to rip apart the backyard to throw down sod and a dog kennel for the nuttiest woofer I’ve ever known..

The other project is geared toward solving our 5-year closet space dilemma. We are looking into the idea of converting our sun room to a large walk-in closet. The changes would not structurally wreck the room but would make a MASSIVE difference in the way we feel about our house.

Melissa and I like our house alot and don’t see an upturn in the real estate market around the bend anytime soon, so we’re trying to fix the place up enough so that we’re happy with it again. Elise’s belongings are multiplying every week and we desperately need to create more usable space before we get completely squeezed out of our house.