Hail To The Victors!

So I came home from work yesterday and my wife tells me that her new friend has a nephew who is in the hospital. I asked why. She said because he was hit by a F-350 after the Michigan/Penn State game in Ann Arbor. And he wasn’t alone. He was with 4 other U of M students and they too were all hit by this truck. Two died. One more is expected to die as well. The nephew has many broken bones and his skull was cracked open. He will require countless hours of physical therapy. I can’t say what the last person’s status is but I think it’s pretty horrible. The truck hasn’t been identified but the police could specify the vehicle type because of the paint it left on another vehicle it smashed into on its way out. The driver hasn’t been found. The police don’t know where the vehicle is from.

And this is all because someone wanted to beat the traffic out of the stadium. The sick thing is that these kids weren’t attending the game. They were leaving their apartment after watching it and wanted to go out somewhere afterward. They weren’t drunk. They weren’t instigating anything.

To top this off, the police officer told my wife’s friend that approximately 12 people are killed after each Michigan football game due to drunk driving but the school keeps it hush hush because that would kinda put a damper on all the illegal drinking going on in the parking lots on campus and possibly lower attendance. Sorry but I think if anyone finds their lives to be so shitty that they have to sit in a fucking parking lot and drink until they can’t drive your car all in the name of “school” and “sport” I’m not impressed.