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My bro is moving to New Jersey to work in NYC in June and we’re playing one last show that will cover the massive range of music we’ve played. And we won’t be alone. The following bands are scheduled to play: Mound, Mumble, The Exhaustones, The Ungodly 77s, Corndaddy, and possibly one more.

June 2 at the Heidelberg’s “Club Above” in downtown A2. Assume the normal start time for a show since I don’t have one set yet.

So, in preparation of the show, I’m making some simple yet highly cool modifications to my aluminum strat that will add a new dimension to my playing.

If you can make the show, please come. It will be alot of fun. Who knows? Maybe there’ll be an old-school Disco Mafia touch to the night.

Adobe CS3 UI Debate

Now that CS3 is finally getting out there, some people are waxing on about the UI “inconsistencies” so now seems like the right time to add my two cents on something I’ve noticed:

First let me say that I think alot of effort was put into addressing the management and display of palettes. It’s a tough problem to solve because everyone works differently.

With that being said, I liked Adobe’s idea of the docking well at first glance. But then after closer inspection, I believe there are far too many targets in close proximity of each other. Here is an example that shows a closeup of the docked wall of palettes to the right and the Character palette on the left as it is fully expanded.


After with my target count:

Here’s a quick breakdown of the number of functional items versus logistical according to my little chart:

Logistical (moving, closing palettes):
1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17

Functional (palette specific functions):
4, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14

You may argue that numbers 10, 11 and 16 are the same but they’re not. They all have different results if you engage them even though they appear the same.

As you can see, there’s a very high chance of click error when working quickly on deadline. There must be a better way to relocate the more logistical things and make them less obtrusive. But the bigger issue is this. Has the new UI scheme really simplified anything at all? Is it really easier to work with palettes? I would love to hear from someone at Adobe on just how many iterations and revisions were made prior to coming up with this solution.

Edit: A colleague suggested I link to a definition of Fitts Law for the uninitiated.

Put a File’s Path In the Clipboard

I’m not the best at writing scripts (Google is my personal assistant). However, I did manage to stumble across this script that I use quite regularly. It’s really simple and a missing part of the Mac OS. I tend to need the full path to a file on my computer.

on open (theFile)
set the clipboard to theFile as text
end open

You can copy and paste the code above or just for fun, click this link to open the Script Editor with the code ready to go. All you have to do is save it with these settings:

1. File > Save As

2. Set the File Format drop down menu to “Application”

3. Check the “Run Only” checkbox

4. Navigate to your ~/Library/Scripts folder (create it if it doesn’t exist) and save it there

5. Run the AppleScript Utility application located here: “Applications/AppleScript/”

6. In that app’s window, check the boxes for “Show Script Menu in menu bar” and “Show Library scripts”

Now when you ever want to run this app, just mouse up to the Scripts menu and you should be able to find your new application.

Conversely, you can also simply save your new AppleScript wherever you want and then drag it to the toolbar of any open Finder window so it’s nearby. I never did that because the script won’t work when you’re trying to use it on an item located on the desktop. So, just put it in the global script menu and you’re done. Now when you want the path to an item, just click it so it’s highlighted (you don’t have to open the file) and then run your app from the Script Menu.

Successful Upgrade

Ok, I can’t believe it was that simple…I’m impressed. Not that it was something literally anyone could do but if you can follow directions, it should work fine and hopefully the Akismet spam plugin will help.

I was lucky enough to find these step by step instructions. I’m also saving them as PDFs and archiving them on my site in case the site goes away for some reason.

Overwhelming Vote of Confidence

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — There’s no mystery this week. Joey Harrington will remain as the Miami Dolphins’ starting quarterback.

For now, anyway.

Dolphins coach Nick Saban said Monday that when his team opens practice for next Sunday’s visit to the New York Jets, Harrington will be the first-stringer. Daunte Culpepper will enter a rehab-type program designed to help restore some explosive movement in his surgically rebuilt right knee.

“We’ll evaluate it on a week-to-week basis,” Saban said. “This week, we’re going to plan to play like we did last week. … We’re going to work with Daunte, improve his movement, give him some reps in practice, get Joey ready to play in the game. Now, does that make him the starter? I guess that makes him the starter.”