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Safari 4 Reaction

I’ve been using the Safari 4 beta since the day it was released and I have a few comments to make.

1. The page loading UI device is just too hidden. The current spinner approach is worse than the previous aqua background animation in the address bar. Users look at the page itself to see if anything is happening, not the right end of the address bar. I suggest Apple consider either layering something on top of the center of the page (dimming it a little and showing the spinner).

2. The Top Sites feature is neat but not terribly useful. It’s basically a graphical bookmark folder. I’d suggest adding a tracking feature to the bookmarks menu that lets you identify URLs that you haven’t visited in X months/days so you can prune your list.

3. The history page just doesn’t need a cover flow UI. It’s totally useless because pages from the same site can look almost identical, therefore forcing the user to jack up the cover flow icon view to full size. I’d rather have the history break things down by hour if possible. I frequently try to recall pages in terms of time: “I saw that yesterday around 9am.

4. The new tab button in the top right corner is just not useful. It’s dimmed to a darker gray and makes the user think they will get a new window, not a new tab. If the new tab glyph must be there, why not add “New Tab” to it as well?

5. The tab bar at the top of a window was very jarring at first. I think it would be interesting for Apple to allow users the option to revert functionality and then track it (with the user’s consent) to better evaluate major changes like this. Hints

This is a helpful hint if you’re running 10.4.11 like I am and would like to try the new iPhone app called Remote.

Step 1: update iTunes to 7.7.

Step 2: Go to your System Preference > Sharing and make sure Remote Apple Events is checked in the Services tab. Also check iTunes Music Sharing on the Firewall tab too just for good measure. You can leave the firewall itself off.

Your iPhone should show up in the left column in iTunes under “Devices”. It will automatically ask you for the 4 digit passcode as shown on your iPhone. Fill that in and you’re done.

Tiny Safari Hint

This is really just an odd thing I stumbled upon one day…

In Safari, open one window and then create a new tab so you have 1 window with 2 tabs beneath the address & bookmarks bar.

Open a URL in the first tab. When it’s finished loading, you can drag the url’s Favorite icon to the second tab to load it there without having to bring that tab to the front. I think that’s kinda neat.

How I Blog

Sometimes people comment to me in person about how quickly I can get posts up on my blog as if I’m doing some magic trick. I’m also writing this because at the same time, I was looking at MarsEdit and wondering how it would make my blogging experience easier. I guess I’ve determined that it won’t since I’ve already come up with a few shortcuts to speed things up:

1. Bookmark the post composition page on my blog.

2. A custom FTP applescript application that sits in my dock. It’s configured to pop open my FTP client, log into my server, and go straight to my images directory. When I make a graphic for the site, I just drag it onto that icon in the dock and forget about it. I never use the built-in photo upload feature of WordPress when this seems so much faster and reliable.

3. I tend to refer to other sites in most posts, so I just open a new tab in the same window and open the post bookmark. This way I’m not hunting for the source URL when I’m trying to create the reference link.

4. When I make any kind of screenshots, they’re already in a webready format, so there’s rarely a trip to photoshop to modify things. I may end up using skitch just because it’s great at quickly drawing arrows, circling things, and creating instant saves.

Designer Tip: Zoom In Anytime

For those of us who need to know if something is “off” by a pixel, this is a great way to do so in any application at any time.

Open the “Universal Access” Preference Pane and on the default tab “Seeing” is the “Zoom” on/off radio button. Click the “on” radio button and then configure the amount of zoom in the “Options” button to the right.

Test it by pressing Option-Command-+(plus) and you’ll zoom in in no time. To get out of the zoom, press Option-Command–(minus).