Creativity is just connecting things.
— Steve Jobs

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It seems to be Apple Fashion News Day.

Matchy Matchy

Isn’t it odd how Steve Jobs and Tim Cook dressed so alike at the last Apple event?

Cheap Seats

Even Scott Forstall got in on the black shirt/blue jeans look too.

I wonder if a requirement of Jobs’ successor be that he look good in that outfit.

For years, people have joked about Steve Jobs’ preference (obsession) for a specific outfit. Now someone’s decided to make it a halloween costume.

One other new item to the exclusive wardrobe is this: a belt.

Interesting iPhone Developer Video Details

A new developer-only video for developing web sites for the iPhone was just released. During the demo, I noticed these frames:

Someone at Apple is a fan of Fake Steve Jobs

A quick Google Maps demo for a restaurant showed this secondary link beneath the map image (note that the restaurant’s actual website is Flash based):

In an Apple built web demo of a corporate address book app, Steve Wozniak is Steve Jobs’ “direct report” and Steve Jobs apparently has an office that isn’t located in the same space as his mailing address:

What is that tiny little gray circle next to the battery icon?

The difference in the new QuickTime export options are this:

Top: iPhone with no network connection
Bottom: For viewing over EDGE

iPhone Tidbits

From an interview Steve Jobs did at D 2007 via Engadget:

12:42pm – But the iPhone doesn’t REALLY have the whole OS X operating system on there…

The answer is: yes it does! The entire Mac OS is gigs, a lot is data. Take out the data — every desktop pattern, sound sample — if you look at Safari it’s not that big. It’s REAL Safari, REAL OS X. We put a different user interface on it to work with a multi-touch screen… it’s an amazing amount of software.

and on 3rd party apps:

Q: All indications appear that the iPhone is closed, we’d love to develop apps…

This is an important tradeoff between security and openness. We want both. We’re working through a way… we’ll find a way to let 3rd parties write apps and still preserve security on the iPhone. But until we find that way we can’t compromise the security of the phone.

I’ve used 3rd party apps… the more you add, the more your phone crashes. No one’s perfect, and we’d sure like our phone not to crash once a day. If you can just be a little more patient with us I think everyone can get what they want.