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Betting on the Right Horse

When I decided I wanted to get a better handle on my finances, I looked online for alternatives to Quicken. I had used it in the past and found it to be a) not mac-like enough and b) total overkill for what I need.

My research into a new finance app uncovered a trend. There seemed to be a whole new wave of personal finance apps taking full advantage of Leopard and lots of other neat things.

I bet on Cha-Ching by Midnight Apps. For some reason, I felt like this app would eventually cover all my bases despite being a little low on the feature-side at initial launch.

I was right. Ars Technica has news about v2 and it sounds like they’re including all of the right features (a new transaction importer that will bring Smart Import Rules and auto-tagging) and then some:

Midnight Apps just got in touch to let us know that an iPhone client is on its way, complete with syncing to and from the Cha-Ching 2.0 desktop client. Exact syncing details are still being worked out (WiFi is a possibility, so is iDisk/WebDAV like OmniFocus for iPhone), but you can probably look for the Cha-Ching iPhone client when version 2 lands.

I personally can’t wait for this iPhone client as mentioned in a previous post. This one thing will help me become more aware of my finances on a daily basis instead of the once a month importing of bank statements.

Leopard Dock Shadows

Every dock icon automatically gets a cast shadow that is in perspective with the dock when it’s positioned at the bottom of the screen. But hang on. I just noticed something kinda weird. They also have a drop shadow that is projected behind them so they stand out from the background. Is someone going a little nutty with Photoshop here?

I mean, now there’s a reflection of the icon, a cast perspective shadow, a drop shadow from the front, and the see through quality of the shelf?


Leopard is coming and Apple has done a nice job adding the new QuickLook functionality in the Finder.

Now you can drag any item that is showing in the CoverFlow view to a folder or disk or whatever. That’s not new because iTunes lets you do the same thing (not that I ever tried it until I began writing this post). Here’s what it looks like in iTunes:

Let’s compare that to the new Finder’s implementation as shown in the new Leopard tour video:


I find it very hard to read the text in the window’s sidebar, don’t you? I mean, obviously the code is simply following its own rules, but wouldn’t you agree that the Finder UI team should reconsider this one and replace the dragged object with a representation of the object at a smaller scale? Forget about a generic icon. Just make the thing animate to a smaller size when you start the drag so the application window behind the object isn’t blown out in the process.

I Bought an iPhone

I know, it’s nutty. I’ve never had a personal cell phone before this. There’s no point in me writing up a review since there are literally hundreds if you search Google News or do virtually any blog.

I went to the Twelve Oaks Apple store in Novi, walked to the back display unit, futzed around with it for about 2 minutes then walked over to the register and bought it. No waiting in line. No camping. All the hype around this device made me think I’d have a poor store experience but it was great.

What I will say about the device is this. I think it’s Insanely Great™ and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m anxiously awaiting news of someone finding a way to install 3rd party apps on it. Even a way to just move data back and forth without having to use iTunes.

The Google Maps feature is something I desperately need because I ALWAYS get lost when traveling. I have no sense of direction and am tired of being late or lost whenever I leave the house. The new UI gestures like pinching and flinging really make sense with this app.

I do wish the built-in Mail app was a little more sophisticated by having a built-in spam filter, ability to mass delete messages, and faster navigation between accounts. I don’t like having to climb all the way back to the main menu to jump to another account that has new messages. I think the bottom nav bar could be an easy place to provide these functions since now they’re kinda bare and static except for the “checking for messages” text.

The iPod is really really fun to use as are many of the other things that involve flinging or flipping or throwing. The extra steps it takes to accomplish tasks seems offset due to the fun factor of the UI.

I would also like to see AOL’s IM built in as well as a Keynote Player and a way to connect the device to a projector via the dock/usb cable. Maybe an adapter is in the works. If Leopard had been introduced on time, I bet the Keynote app would have been included as part of the refreshed iWork suite. If Apple can find a way for users to upload or sync Keynote presentations to the iPhone and allow it to power a projector, I’d be really blown away.

Finally, I would love to see Apple publish at least, a developer guide for creating Safari webapps and post it somewhere around here.

Next on the agenda is a case for the iPhone. I will DIE if it gets wrecked. This one looks to be quite durable and even makes the iPhone resemble a Newton.

Leopard Wish List – Item 1

You know, the one thing that would be a beautiful Christmas present to Mac users would be a totally new Finder as one of their top secret features. So many people have piled on the damn thing, people have written apps to replace it, and with all the pretty eye candy we all know Apple’s user base loves to see, please Apple, just put some effort into the Finder and get it to the point where even Computerworld won’t cite it as 6 of the top 15 things Leopard needs to change.