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Flash and the AppStore Part 2

It seems the CEO of Adobe and I think alike. Back in July of 2010 I wrote this blog post:

I’m really getting the feeling that most people are missing the bigger unspoken point about Apple’s position on Flash: Apple does not want a revenue threat against their AppStore.

Today, Adobe CEO Shantany Narayen seems to share my point of view:

“It’s control over the app store that’s at issue here,” Narayen told Walt Mossberg, according to All Things D. We allow people to author once and get as wide as distribution as possible. …If you build in Flash, you can run the apps on other platforms.”

Gone In A Flash

Back in July of 2010, I wrote a post about Flash and the AppStore. In that post, I brought up the notion that if Flash was such a security issue with iOS devices, Apple should consider removing it from their desktop OS.

Today Daring Fireball confirmed what I thought Apple might do with Flash for their MacOS based machines.

Starting with the new MacBook Air, Flash will not be pre-installed on the machine. Instead, users will have to visit or a Flash-enabled website and ultimately download the plugin themselves.

UX Implications

I have worked with designers who tended to take Flash for granted. This new development will put more pressure on them to create fully functioning versions of their experiences for non-Flash users. It will also force them to truly consider whether or not a Flash version of their experience is worth the investment. This isn’t such a bad thing.

Not only will this affect designers, this will put more pressure on front-end developers. If UX teams start to demand levels of interactivity formerly provided by Flash, guess who will have to step up to HTML5 and possibly other means to get the job done? I hope developers make their code open-sourced to further the HTML5 effort.

Flash and the AppStore

I’m really getting the feeling that most people are missing the bigger unspoken point about Apple’s position on Flash: Apple does not want a revenue threat against their AppStore.

Anyone who knows anything about Flash knows that this isn’t about Flash but the development platform it uses. That platform is sophisticated enough so that a sophisticated Flex developer could easily build a fully functioning AppStore. The store could process credit card charges and deliver applications to the iPhone in a heartbeat.

That’s the main reason why “Flash” won’t appear on the iPhone. There’s only one AppStore and it’s Apple’s. It’s also why Apple doesn’t allow Cydia on the AppStore. It does everything that the AppStore does except give Apple a cut of the revenue.

I also don’t buy the argument around Flash and the “hover/mouseover” issues. An interaction design decision is enough to ban a piece of technology? That’s pretty amazing.

If Flash is the #1 reason why Macs crash, why is it allowed on the Mac OS? I would think that if Apple were really worried about it, it would be snuffed that out on the Mac long before the iPhone came out in 2007.

This is about disallowing a potential competing AppStore that would threaten a successful business model.

50 Things About Me

This blog, founded on June 1, 2004, is written and produced by Matt Binkowski.

Matt and baby Elise

1. I have been happily married for 14 years to my best friend, partner in crime, and all around love of my life.

2. My daughter Elise is perfectly cute, funny and smart as a whip. My baby boy Miles crashed the party on November 29, 2008.

3. I collect old Apple hardware:
– 1 Apple Pippin (Developer’s Edition)
– 1 Emate
– 2 Newtons (130 and 2100)
– 1 Interactive TV Prototype.

4. I started playing guitar when I was age 15.

5. My hollow-body aluminum strat was hand-built by a gifter luthier, Tom Murray.

6. I’ve driven a Wrangler over log piles, shale beaches, large boulders, through flooded trails, on the Rubicon Trail and the Chrysler Proving Grounds.

7. I like to think I’m a good painter and draftsman.

8. My dog lives on a 20 acre ranch in California and I miss him every day.

9. I lost my home, job, friends and savings thanks to the financial collapse in 2009 but somehow we were rescued and my family is okay.

10. I need to be challenged wherever I work.

11. If I’m watching a band is playing at a bar, I get nervous because I’ll feel like I’m up next.

12. My favorite color was blue and now it’s red.

13. I am an Eagle Scout and once won the Summer Camp-wide Archery competition.

14. I think Flash is the least usable application a designer has to deal with.

15. I used to live in California during the big internet boom and I miss that optimistic culture.

16. I rarely use my iPod Newton.

17. I love my iPod iPhone.

18. I find my Newton iPhone more useful than my iPod Newton.

19. I once fell from the roof of my Mom and Dad’s house and I didn’t get hurt.

20. I’ve never broken or sprained anything.

21. I once camped outside for 24 hours while it was 10 degrees below 0.

22. I once played in a band described by the Metro Times as “Detroit’s most offensive hardcore band.”

23. I took that as a compliment.

24. I loved playing in that band because our live shows were so crazy.

25. I painted three life-size oil portraits of my friends for my senior thesis in art school.

26. My college band performed a show in front of AC/DC’s lead singer and 800 high school kids. (it was so odd to see Brian Johnson just 30 feet away from me watching us play.)

27. There’s something comforting to me about a buddy list that makes me think I’m able to keep up with friends.

28. I take other people’s old Macintosh computers when they mention throwing them out because in some weird way it feels wrong.

29. I am determined to create my own OS X iPhone app.

30. I bought a Jeep so I could learn how to take it apart.

31. I hate being bored.

32. I have a good way of being calm in hairy situations.

33. I can’t cook anything except Crazy Pancakes.

34. Even those don’t turn out very well every time.

35. I wish Google Maps was able to send info to my Newton.

36. I’m somewhat addicted to the news, especially during election years.

37. I can’t watch CNN for very long before it stresses me out.

38. I once hiked over 100 miles in 1 week in New Mexico while carrying a backpack that weighed over 40 pounds.

39. I only drive the speed limit when I drive with my family.

40. I can draw Dora the Explorer.

41. I really can’t stand Dora the Explorer. I’m really learning to like Dora now that my daughter is so caught up in the Disney princesses who need to be married in order to “be complete.”

42. I can do all of the Winnie the Pooh voices.

43. I drink too much coffee and not enough water. Too personal? Maybe…

44. My first guitar teacher taught me Puff the Magic Dragon. Then I quit and learned how to play by listening to the radio.

45. The first record I ever bought was Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.

46. The last record I ever bought was Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.

47. My favorite movie is Better Off Dead.

48. I have a bad habit of rejecting bands the first time I hear them…and then reject them again a few months later…eventually listening to them religiously about a year down the road.

49. I’ve taken over 8,000 photos and 300 movie clips of my family.

50. I am amazed you made it all the way to the end of this list.


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Interesting iPhone Developer Video Details

A new developer-only video for developing web sites for the iPhone was just released. During the demo, I noticed these frames:

Someone at Apple is a fan of Fake Steve Jobs

A quick Google Maps demo for a restaurant showed this secondary link beneath the map image (note that the restaurant’s actual website is Flash based):

In an Apple built web demo of a corporate address book app, Steve Wozniak is Steve Jobs’ “direct report” and Steve Jobs apparently has an office that isn’t located in the same space as his mailing address:

What is that tiny little gray circle next to the battery icon?

The difference in the new QuickTime export options are this:

Top: iPhone with no network connection
Bottom: For viewing over EDGE